We are only 3 weeks into 2018 and already there are some REALLY exciting things in the pipeline. Some things we can’t divulge yet due to contractual obligations but we are chomping at the bit to tell you about but believe me, it will be worth the wait!

One thing we can tell you about is our plan to record.

If you follow us on Facebook then you may have heard the live rehearsal recording of our upcoming first single Here For You (Always). If not then you can have a listen right here

I wrote the song last year for my girls and after posting this video to my own YouTube channel Nathan said he really liked it and he thinks we should take look at working on it as The Bootleggers. That meant a hell of a lot to me and I was keen to get Nathan to play the guitar on the track rather than my own fumbling strumming ability and knew with the addition of his vocals the song would become much more.

The recording above was the result of a couple of hours practice at Bootlegger HQ with Nathan arranging the song a little, adding his awesome guitar skills and harmonious backing vocals and then I threw in a little harmonica too. We really like the result and so have booked into the studio in February to record it properly and aim to release it in March/April as our debut single.

Here lies the issue…

The band name “The Bootleggers” is not original. There’s a Party Band in Sheffield, an Irish Folk band in Ireland and a well established, already recording band in the US all using the Bootlegger name. The latter is the main issue as if we release music under the same name things get very confusing and tricky on iTunes, Google Play etc.

So we got our heads together and have decided that moving forward, our recording name will be The Sneaky Blinders.


We have registered and secured the name on the International Band Name Registry which is pretty cool and have set up our Facebook page here if you would be kind enough to give it a LIKE.

The plan is to continue to gig as The Bootleggers, Thirsk but for purpose of recording and releasing music we will use The Sneaky Blinders. Eventually it will all come under a wider umbrella of another project we have in the planning stages but that is another story altogether and one for another day!

So please continue to follow and support us and also head across to The Sneaky Blinders page and like & follow us there too.


2 thoughts on “THE SNEAKY BLINDERS

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  1. Can’t wait to see u both play at Newby Hall steam rally in June
    Loved the single
    I think u both and John Taylor should do a gig or a song together as he is also goood
    Can’t wait for June now


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