Ey up you lovely lot.

It’s been a few months since the blog was last updated and…it could be the last time!

Keep reading to find out why!

So, what have The Bootleggers been up to?


As you will no doubt have seen on the Facebook page, The Bootleggers have launched a second beer!

After the (continuing) success of “The Bootleggers Pale Ale”, the lads, together with the awesome guys ‘n’ gals at Hambleton Ales Brewery, have launched a new bottled beer!


“Bootleggers IPA” is a hoppy, refreshing and vegan friendly 5% IPA.

It comes in a cool as f**k 500ml bottle too!

“How can we get it!?” I hear you shout…

Well, right now, you can get it directly from the brewery or from the exclusive stockist, Little 3 in Thirsk.

However, in 2019, the aim is to get the beer on the shelves and in the fridges of shops and venues right across Yorkshire.

This new beer now means that if you want to book The Bootleggers for your wedding or private party, they can now also provide the beer for your bar as well as the music for your night!

So keep your eyes on the Facebook page for updates and let us know what you think!


In October, The Bootleggers returned to Mirage Studios to work with the musical wizard that is Mr John P Taylor.

This was a very special, one-of-a-kind project.

Several years ago, Nathan wrote a poem with the assistance of his dad, a decorated ex Royal Marine Commando.

The poem told a young Private’s tale from the trenches of the Battle of The Somme during World War One.

Back in 2014, before The Bootleggers had properly formed, Nathan turned the poem into a song and performed it at an open-mic night at Dave’s pub. Dave loved the song and, from that point onward, was pretty insistent that Nathan should record it.

Once The Bootleggers formed they discussed it many times and the idea for a charity single developed. They agreed it would be done… “one day”.

That day was November 1st 2018.


“I See The Blood” is available for download on all major platforms right now and 100% of the proceeds received will be donated to SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity.

What makes this song even more special is the fact that this song sees Nathan taking the helm as lead vocalist and Dave taking a back seat and not featuring at all!

I know you’re wondering why so, let me explain.

The poem and the song, were written with a lot of passion by Nathan, with the assistance of his dad. Whenever Dave heard Nathan sing the song, he said “you couldn’t escape the passion in his voice”.

Dave didn’t see much point in trying to replicate that passion for the studio and in his own words;

“Why try and fake that passion when the lad can sing it himself? He has a great voice, as you’ll hear, and that raw passion that you hear in the lyrics ‘I See The Blood’ can NOT be faked”.

And so, Dave decided to step back and focus 100% of his energy into the marketing and advertising strategy. If this song was going to be for charity then it would need a lot more publicity than the first single!

The result, as you can hear in the song, is an absolutely epic production by John P Taylor topped by the raw, pure passion of Nathan’s lead vocal.

If you haven’t already, then please download it today.

All the money the lads receive will go to SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity 


As part of Dave’s strategy to get the song as much publicity as possible, The Bootleggers we able to get the backing of SSAFA themselves.

The song was A-listed on York based YO1 Radio who have been great supporters of The Bootleggers since day one. On the release day of the single, they took part in an excellent telephone interview with Chris Marsden from the YO1 Breakfast Show.

They also featured in a quick slot that same day on BBC Radio York’s breakfast show and were then invited back to feature on the Friday night Arts & Culture show with Ionica Adriana.


This second slot saw the lads have a nice long chat about The Bootleggers, the charity single, the beer and the future. They performed a brand new original song (the next single) live  and then the charity single was given it’s first full play on BBC Radio.

Support was also received from Minster FM’s Ben Fry, several local newspapers and as always, you lovely lot on social media.


Over the coming weeks and months, The Bootleggers will be working hard on a new and exciting project.

They are currently setting up a small studio space for filming video content and once this is complete they will begin work on building their YouTube presence!

They have a pretty cool plan in place for their channel so be sure to head over on this link and hit the “Subscribe” button. Make sure you also click that bell symbol and you will get a nice little notification every time they upload new content!

On top of the YouTube videos, they will also be doing more live stream events on their Facebook page so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for the next show!


No rest for the wicked and eager to get the album on schedule for release in summer 2019, Dave and Nathan have been back in the studio these last couple of weeks to record single number three.

This next song, titled “Peace of Mind”, will be released mid-late January and will be the last release before the album is ready.


It’s sounding pretty awesome and unlike anything you have heard from the lads before.

Keep your eyes and ears tuned into their social media pages over December and you may well get a sneak preview.


The Bootleggers are currently working with people much more clued up than themselves and are developing a new way for you all to keep up-to-date with Bootlegger news and gigs.

Once launched, it will see the end of the Bootlegger’s Blog updates.

That’s all we will say for now but, once again, watch the Facebook page for full details very soon.


So, that’s all for now.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s full steam ahead for The Bootleggers with gigs, studio work, filming work and much more going on behind the scenes!

If you want to book The Bootleggers for 2019 then get in quickly. 2018 saw the diary completely booked up by the beginning of March!

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, keep watching the page for the next live-stream and more and the lads will see you at a bar somewhere, sometime, very soon!

Here’s a gig list for December…





Where to start?

It’s been a while since we blogged.

Things have been manic at Bootlegger HQ over the last few month.

So what’s going on?


So, earlier in the year we said we were aiming to get our album out by the end of the year.

That date is going to be pushed back to Spring/Summer 2019.

We have around 8 songs now written, and more tracks are in progress, so material isn’t the issue.

It just finding the time—and the funds—for studio time.

We are booked into the studio to record a special song written by Nathan about the horrors of war, in particular, the Battle of The Somme. This track will see Nathan on lead vocals for a change as well as playing guitar!

Once that song is recorded we aim to get in the studio once a month and start working on the album.

We’ll will likely drop a single or two along the way.

If anybody wants to sponsor the album and help fund it sooner, then get in touch and we can talk! Hint hint! Haha.

But seriously. Get in touch.


Our debut single “Here For You (Always)” dropped in April and whilst we aren’t breaking records and hitting the charts, the numbers have far exceeded our expectations. We’re just two lads who take nothing for granted and feel like we’re blagging it every single day so, to have so many of you download and stream our first single (and still doing so) in the first three months, means a lot to us both. Thank you!


The beer is selling really well with venues around Yorkshire and Teesside kindly stocking it on the bar. The great news is that the awesome guys at Hambleton Ales Brewery have decided to let us have a bottled beer too!

Bootlegger IPA (5%) should be available in the next month or so and we have big plans (and high hopes) for this one!

Those of you who are vegan will be happy to know that it’ll be vegan friendly too!


We’ve been on BBC Radio York and Minster FM since we last blogged too.

BBC Radio saw us perform our own track “Here For You (Always)” and chat about our plans on the Adam and Anna show.

Minster FM saw us perform Amy McDonald’s “This is The Life” on the Ben and Roxy Breakfast Show… Minus Roxy who was recovering from her nasty car crash. It was an honour to play on the show as Ben explained the whole section of the show was created after Roxy saw us play at the Little3 in Thirsk and really wanted us on the show!

We can’t wait to get back on both stations again in the near future… Once Roxy has finished in the Big Brother house.


It has been very busy for us over the last few month and we can’t thank all the venues and private customers enough! We love getting out there, meeting you all and providing the soundtrack to your good times.

We have decided to take the August bank holiday weekend off.

The first time in 4 years.

We apologise to the venues and event organisers that have tried to book us but, we need some time to rest and spend with our families.

I’m sure you’ll forgive us.

We are performing a charity gig at The Frankland Arms in Thirsk tomorrow (18th Aug) and then we are back in September for the start of a very busy 4 months as we run-up to Christmas…. where does the time go!?

Be sure to check the Facebook Page @TheBootleggersUK for all our upcoming gigs.


We have decided to start uploading regular content to our YouTube channel and work on a weekly(ish) music video so please head to the channel and subscribe.

We’re pretty new to the video recording/vlogging scene so bear with us please… The content will get better as we go.

Any requests or suggestions, get in touch!


That’s all for now.

As ever, thank you so much for your continued support. It really does mean so much to us both.

Please keep an eye on all our social media accounts for updates. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Big love,

The Bootleggers




It’s been a little while since we last update The Bootleggers Blog.

With things being so busy for The Bootleggers right now there isn’t always time to write about each and every gig and so it’s been decided here at Bootlegger HQ to just put out new blog content as and when there is something exciting, different, special, important… to talk about.

Like this for example…



We can’t explain just how excited we are at Bootlegger HQ about this awesome new venture.

You might remember us telling you about how Hambleton Ales Brewery approached The Bootleggers in January and offered the chance to work with them and brew a beer. We might have mentioned it just once or twice on our Facebook page and we blogged about it here too

Well, on Sunday the lads were up bright and early (and in Dave’s case, hungover) to start a full shift at Hambleton Ales Brewery in Melmerby at 6am. Despite being a bit rough from Saturday’s beer and music filled session The Bootleggers were like kids at Christmas as they stepped over the threshold of the place where [beer] magic happens!



After a quick coffee and a tour of the brewery from Ben, the Brewery and Production Manager, it was straight down to business emptying the sacks of malted grains into the large grain mill.

This was then transported over to the Mash Tun where the grain would be mixed with hot water and left for an hour or so breaking down the starches in the malt into sugars and producing the sweet malty liquid which would later become beer.


If the lifting and pouring of sacks of grain didn’t work off Dave’s hangover then the next part certainly did!

It was time for Dave to get his cleaning kit on. On went the wellies, apron, visor and rubber gloves and into the beer tank he climbed to get it cleaned out and ready to hold Bootleggers Beer.

This was one of three cleaning jobs the lads would have to do during the process and it’s still being debated who got the short straw!… You will have to decide as you keep reading.

So next up it was time to transfer the sweet liquid from the Mash Tun and into a giant kettle leaving the grain husks behind in the Tun. The liquid would sit in the kettle for a few hours at a steady temperature bringing it to a steady boil before the hops were added.

Nath and Dave set about weighing out their hops… and pointing out how they looked suspiciously like something else… We can assure you it is definitely hops!

Bootlegger Beer is being brewed with Citra, Chinook and Mosaic hops which will give it a lovely crisp, hoppy, almost craft like flavor. Each were added to the mix at different stages and left to boil with the liquid for different lengths of time to allow for a distinctive taste.

With all this waiting time in between there was no time for relaxing!

Nathan had cleaning job number two to crack on with… he had to climb inside the Mash Tun almost knee high in hot grain husks and dig it all out into a bin. If the lads thought brewing beer was all glamour and rock ‘n’ roll they couldn’t have been more wrong.


But, not afraid to pull their weight and help the guys at Hambleton Ales out, they got on with the job and then moved on to cleaning the kegs and inserting fresh keystones.

Being a former pub landlord Dave often wondered how they got these things cleaned out and ready to use again so found this quite enjoyable… Or maybe it was just because he got to press a button on a machine. Who knows?


So with the hops soaking and the beer brewing away in the kettle it was time for a spot of breakfast. Now you can’t go to a brewery and not drink beer!

Even at ten in the morning!

Even with a hangover!

Breakfast pints turned out to be exactly what were needed after a spot of hungover graft and provided The Bootleggers fuel for more bootlegging!


With all three hops now in the mix it was time to cool the liquid and transfer it to the Fermentation Tank (which Dave had cleaned out earlier in the day) where the lads added the yeast making the liquid officially BEER!

The beer will sit in the tank for the week where the yeast will eat up all the sugar and produce the alcohol. During this process the gurus at Hambelton Ales will take care of the remaining processes, tests and kegging and get the beer ready to hit the pubs!

With the lads’ involvement in the brewing process now over all that was left to do was the third and final cleaning job… Digging out all the hot, wet hops from the bottom of the kettle, filling up sacks and lifting them out to Nathan who was watching (and laughing) from above!

After around 30 minutes a hot and sweaty Dave emerged up the ladder and out of the kettle.

Job done.


The Bootleggers now have their own beer sitting in a brewery waiting to be kegged and Dave and Nathan are now waiting like two excited kids counting down the number of sleeps till Christmas as they eagerly await the taste test!

There are talks underway to produce a bottled beer so you can get your hands on Bootlegger Beer from Bootlegger HQ and fill your fridges at home but for now the beer is a Cask Ale and available at all good pubs!

If you are a venue and want to stock Bootlegger Beer then get in touch and we will explain how you can get your hands on it!

Until next time…

Cheers… and always remember to drink responsibly!

The Bootleggers


Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about us using the name The Sneaky Blinders to release our own music?

Well all that has changed.

I had a long hard think.

Then me and Nath had a long hard chat.

And the gist of it is… We’re The Bootleggers, not The Sneaky Blinders.

You guys have loved and supported The Bootleggers along the way. Not The Sneaky Blinders.

Our success has been as The Bootleggers.

Our beer is named after The Bootleggers.

So bollocks to The Sneaky Blinders. We are staying as we are. The Bootleggers.

Those of you with eagle eyes might have spotted that our Facebook and Instagram pages have had a slight name change. We are now The Bootleggers UK instead of The Bootleggers Thirsk.

Moving forward, our music will be released independently under this name starting this April with our very first single…


Here For You (Always) was written by me last year as a song for my daughters. I played it for Nathan (badly on my guitar) and he liked it, which was good because I wanted him to play the guitar on it! To my delight and eternal gratitude Nathan suggested we use it to launch our own music.

So, with a bit of musical rearrangement from Nath, a harmonica solo from me and some harmonious harmonies thrown in on top we took the song to the studio.

Here Mr John P Taylor the Wizard-like (in skills not appearance) Producer & Owner of Mirage Studios (the same studio used back int’ day by James Arthur) worked his magic and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

It’s a great sounding, British, rootsy (yes that’s a word), from-the-heart song that anybody with kids will relate to I am certain.


We aim to release the single mid-April once all the boring behind the scenes stuff is sorted out and we might just give you a sneak peak (or listen to be precise) very soon so keep your eyes on our Facebook & Instagram pages as well as our Twitter account so that you don’t miss out!

As always, thank you all for your continued support both at gigs and online.

I know everybody says this and I am sure most mean it but it genuinely does mean everything to myself and Nath. If it wasn’t for you guys and the venues that support live music then we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

I’m off for a little R&R next week so below is where you can catch us next and for the whole of April across Yorkshire and the North East. Till then, keep your eyes peeled on social media.

Here for you always (do you see what I did there?)

The Bootleggers



Log yourself onto the Hambleton Ales website and it begins;

“Hambleton Ales was born in 1991, when Nick Stafford decided to start a brewery at the bottom of his in-laws garden. Armed with nothing more than a pair of wellies, some old steel tanks and rusty Peugeot 205, Nick built his brewery with blood, sweat & tears. Why did he do this? Simply because he wanted to make great beer”

That’s the kind of entrepreneurial success story I love! A bloke armed with nothing more than a passion for great beer and a great idea ends up with one of the greatest breweries in Yorkshire…if not the UK.

Achieving an output of 800 gallons a week within it’s first 6 months and producing an award winning beer within it’s first year Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales Brewery have now won multiple awards over their 26 years of providing us with outstanding ales. They are masters of innovation producing gluten free and vegan friendly beers and regularly export their fine ales to Europe and the USA!


So imagine our shock and excitement when in January of this year we received a message on our Facebook page from the lovely Kate who works for Hambleton Ales asking us if The Bootleggers would be interested in working with them to produce our own beer!

Now those who know us well and those who only know us a little will know for a fact that if there’s one thing that excites us almost as much as great music, it’s great beer! In fact, if it wasn’t for beer then “The Bootleggers, Thirsk” would not exist.

It was beer that introduced us to each-other and music that formed the bond of friendship. Most of (if not all) of our plans have been made sat in the pub over several pints and often scribbled on the back of a beer mat. We even once accepted payment for a gig in the form of a case of Hambleton Ale’s “Stallion” which happens to be one of my all time favourite session beers.

We could not believe our luck! It took us all of 0.3 seconds (if that) to respond and say “YES PLEASE” and we have been so excited to tell you all about it ever since!

We made the announcement live on YO1 Radio on Thursday morning hosted by our friends and long time supporters Chris & Jayne where we also performed our upcoming debut single “Here For You (Always)” and one of our classic covers from Amy McDonald. You can hear the broadcast here.

Since then we’ve been inundated with interest and questions from friends and followers.

“How did that happen?”

“When can we buy it?”

“Where can we buy it?”

“What’s it going to be called”

Well all we can say at this stage is that Hambleton Ales’ great design team are working on the imagery and once that is complete we will be popping along to the brewery to have a chat, go over the details, agree on the particulars and get a look around and involved in the brewing process! As I type those words I still can’t believe how lucky we are and how grateful we both are to Hambleton Ales.

So watch this space and I will bring you more booze news as it lands!



I want to get serious for just a few minutes if that’s alright…

Whilst there are no 100% accurate figures when it comes to the number of homeless people in the UK due to the fact that each nation measures “homelessness” differently and most homeless people don’t show up on national stats it is estimated that 1 in every 200 people in the UK are homeless!

Homelessness is devastating and life threatening with a homeless person being 17 times more likely to be a victim of violence and the average homeless person dying at just 47 years old!

Windsor Council caused outrage in December when they shamelessly insisted that all homeless people in their constituency be removed from sight before the Royal Wedding on May 19th!

As a result Musicians Against Homelessness are encouraging musicians around the UK to hold gigs of any size possible on the day of the Royal Wedding and to help raise awareness of the issue AND money for CRISIS, an amazing charity that work side by side with homeless people to help them rebuild their lives.

For that reason The Bootleggers together with the great people of Bedale’s Riverside Club will be trying to raise a few quid towards this amazing cause at our gig on May 19th. Full details are yet to be ironed out but we would be very grateful if as many of you as possible could come and join us for a great night of live music (as standard) and to help an excellent cause.

Cheers Guys

MaH NIght (1)



We are only 3 weeks into 2018 and already there are some REALLY exciting things in the pipeline. Some things we can’t divulge yet due to contractual obligations but we are chomping at the bit to tell you about but believe me, it will be worth the wait!

One thing we can tell you about is our plan to record.

If you follow us on Facebook then you may have heard the live rehearsal recording of our upcoming first single Here For You (Always). If not then you can have a listen right here

I wrote the song last year for my girls and after posting this video to my own YouTube channel Nathan said he really liked it and he thinks we should take look at working on it as The Bootleggers. That meant a hell of a lot to me and I was keen to get Nathan to play the guitar on the track rather than my own fumbling strumming ability and knew with the addition of his vocals the song would become much more.

The recording above was the result of a couple of hours practice at Bootlegger HQ with Nathan arranging the song a little, adding his awesome guitar skills and harmonious backing vocals and then I threw in a little harmonica too. We really like the result and so have booked into the studio in February to record it properly and aim to release it in March/April as our debut single.

Here lies the issue…

The band name “The Bootleggers” is not original. There’s a Party Band in Sheffield, an Irish Folk band in Ireland and a well established, already recording band in the US all using the Bootlegger name. The latter is the main issue as if we release music under the same name things get very confusing and tricky on iTunes, Google Play etc.

So we got our heads together and have decided that moving forward, our recording name will be The Sneaky Blinders.


We have registered and secured the name on the International Band Name Registry which is pretty cool and have set up our Facebook page here if you would be kind enough to give it a LIKE.

The plan is to continue to gig as The Bootleggers, Thirsk but for purpose of recording and releasing music we will use The Sneaky Blinders. Eventually it will all come under a wider umbrella of another project we have in the planning stages but that is another story altogether and one for another day!

So please continue to follow and support us and also head across to The Sneaky Blinders page and like & follow us there too.


The Bootleggers

2017 Was a crazy year for us with so many firsts and amazing gigs taking place so picking our top 3 was no easy task! We drank more beer though and it seemed to help with the decision making and so here are our top 3 gigs of 2017…



If you know us well then you know that The Bootleggers came together at The Frankland Arms in Thirsk. I was the Landlord of the pub and my family had the place for 13 years and Nathan was practically part of the fixtures and fittings.

I used to host regular karaoke nights at the pub and quite often it would result in myself and Nathan trying to get one up on each other. I would sing a song, Nathan would get up and belt one out. I would get up and try and out-do him and Nathan would follow… And so it went on. Don’t get me wrong, it was all friendly and fun but there was definitely a competitive bond forming.

One night Nathan happened to have his guitar in the pub and karaoke turned into “Guitaraoke” (we have copyright on that term!) with Nath strumming along and displaying his freakishly awesome talent of being able to just tune in and play any song that the customers chose to sing. It was at the end of this night we both sat and had a beer (or several) followed no doubt by a boat load of Sailor Jerry rum and we decided to team up.

Originally settling on the (very bad) name “The Frankland Dogs” we set about writing down a short set list and agreeing to meet up and practice. The name was tested out on a few close friends and met with frowns and so thankfully, after days of random band name generators online and bits of paper in a hat, Nathan said “What do you think of The Bootleggers? It has links to booze and to music…?”…. The rest they say is history.

The Frankland became our HQ. All our early rehearsals took place there during the hours the pub was closed and we road tested a few tracks at the Open Mic Nights I started to host. Things went well, people seemed to like us and so our very first full gig was booked in at The Frankland Arms, Thirsk on Friday 13th November 2015!

Fast forward to May 2017 and I had decided to give up the pub and the doors opened for one last time as The Bootleggers performed their final gig at The Frankland. My Parents were over from Turkey which was really nice and I wrote a song called “The Happy Times” which we performed on the night. It was a bittersweet experience filled with emotions, memories, tears and beers!

The Frankland Arms has a very special place in our hearts and our history and that is why our final gig has made it into the top 3 of 2017…

Well, I say our final gig… The new Landlord, Neil, has recently been in touch and we will be playing back there in June this year! I must admit, it will be nice to play, pack up and leave the drunks, empty glasses and cleaning for somebody else to deal with!



2017 saw us performing at our first wedding for our good friends Myles & Ginna. The stunning Aldwark Manor played host to a fantastic wedding party which had me (and Katie) proudly acting as witness to the marriage for the happy couple and running back and forth between my meal and setting up the gear for the night doo as Nathan was working. It was a sweaty, tiring doo getting ready as the venue had no easy access from the car park and saw us hauling our gear through the health spa… but once the music started it was business as usual!

The fantastic evening was made all the more special when we were joined by the happy couple’s rockstar daughter, Jodie, who asked if she could sing the first verse of her favourite song “Sweet Child of Mine” with us. She insisted “I am only singing the first verse and then I am out of there!”.

As the first verse came to the chorus she continued to sing. As the first chorus came to and end I asked Jodie if she was done… “NO I WANNA KEEP SINGING!” she said as she pulled the mic away from me! I think she discovered her inner rockstar AND her inner diva at the same time!… Some would say (not me, cause I am not that brave) that she is just like her mother!

What a performance she give as her friends and family gathered around. If Myles and Ginna were the stars of the day then Jodie was the true star of the night!

Our first wedding was a thoroughly enjoyable success and we want to say a huge thanks to The Strudwick for inviting us along to be a part of their very special day.





We have not had a more humbling gig than this one. To be asked to perform on stage in Thirsk Market Place in front of several hundred people for such a great charitable cause was amazing.

Hundreds of bikers from Squires Cafe Bar in Sherburn in Elmet, many dressed as Father Christmas, rode on bikes adorned with Christmas decorations to Thirsk to deliver sacks full of toys for two amazing local charities, Thirsk Clock and Thirsk Community Care.


The image above doesn’t even show a quarter of the bikers that turned up. The Market Place was rammed with locals and bikers and the atmosphere was as festive as it gets. It was an amazing day and fantastic end to Thirsk Christmas Fair. It was made even more special for us as it came just 2 days after we switched on the Xmas lights and performed with our former band The Baffled Kings. A really special weekend for us.

We want to say a very special thank you to Calverts for making it all possible and sponsoring the entire thing.




So there are our top 3 gigs of 2017! We truly appreciate and enjoy every single gig we get and can not thank all the people and live music venues that continue to support us and live music in general enough! Without you guys we would not be able to do what we love so much!

There are some amazing things coming this year for The Bootleggers, Thirsk and we invite you all along on the journey!

Thanks guys.

Dave & Nathan

The Bootleggers, Thirsk.


So Christmas has been and gone and we have tumbled out of another year. And what a year it has been for us! I will be looking back on 2017 in the next blog with both Nathan and I picking our top 3 most memorable gigs each! It won’t be easy to pick but it will be nice to look back on all the fun we have had.

December 2017… What a crazy month that was! We crammed in 8 gigs in 3 weeks and it all seems like a blur now! So here we go…



Yorkshire Heart 3

Bootlegging in a brewery! It was a dream come true!

Yorkshire Heart in Nun Monkton, York produce some excellent beers and wines and have a cool little on-site bar that serves decent grub and has recently began hosting live music nights. We were excited to be invited along and even more excited to be invited back to play at their Beer Festival in May!

We also met the very talented photographer Phil Barker who was on hand to shoot some publicity shots for the venue and kindly offered to take some shots of us too! You can find Phil’s website here and the image above the ones below are all taken by him too.



Riverside 2

We played this venue for the first time in July (Blog below) and we had a great night and so we were glad to be back to give the guys in Bedale another good night of music and banter. A great little club with a great crowd and means we get to stop at McDonalds on the way home so what’s not to like!?

We’re back on May 19th!


The Royal

A local one for us and the first time we have ever played at The Royal.

This pub has had a dubious history with many landlords coming in and not lasting very long. Then Carl came along about 18months ago and has turned the pub completely around! A much friendlier pub now and it’s great to have another landlord in Thirsk that supports local live music.

We had a great first gig and were invited back to play on Boxing Day too which again was packed out and lively. We’re looking forward to playing back here in 2018!


Little3 (1)

Another local one and another great live music supporting venue!

We never fail to have a great night at Little 3 and love how the crowd and the staff always join in the songs and the piss-taking too. I think it is safe to say that Little 3 has taken the title of Thirsk’s Premier Live Music Venue now with live music every Thursday and increasingly on Saturdays too!

You can catch us here again on Saturday 24th February


Our 4th trip to Stockton and our 3rd time at Ivy House where we are building a nice little following and have had the privilege of meeting some great people.

This time Stockton was looking exceptionally good and not at all like the Stockton I remember from growing up! This is the greeting we got as we pulled up to Ivy House!

IvyHouse Stockton

Another great night and it was really nice to hear the feedback and requests for us to play at other venues too!

Stockton, we will see you again on 9th Feb with some new songs too!


This one came to us thanks to the awesome band We Are Replicants who we had the pleasure of playing with and then drinking with at The Music Lounge in Stockton in early 2017. These guys have some serious talent.

We Are Replicants were originally booked to play this gig for Chester le Street Golf Club’s Christmas party but had to pull out and so recommended us. It was a bit of a road trip but it was a great gig.

Having to lug the sound equipment up flights of stairs was unexpected and a bit of a work out but was made all better by being given our own “Green Room” with free bar, food and Sky TV to relax in during the raffle etc halfway through the night!

Chester 2

A wrong turn by Nathan on the way out resulted in us stuck in chaotic traffic outside Lumley Castle where another Xmas party must have been taking place but it was worth the delay for the view of the Castle lit up at night. A nice end to a nice little gig.



This is one of my favourite place to play! Never a dull night at The Quays and the guys are absolutely spot on!

It is thanks to The Quays or more accurately the former Door Supervisor, Bev, that we now have Rag’n’Bone Man in our set list. Basically, the first time we played there Bev told us that if we didn’t learn it then she would knock us out… That kinda worked!

Bev joined us for this gig, our last before Christmas and requested some other songs. This time without the threats but with hugs. Sadly her request was for Wham and “Last Christmas” so even if she had threatened to knock us out again I would have taken the crack to avoid singing the song!

Bev’s told us that her son is one of the stars of Geordie Shore and that she would get him to share our Facebook page… Well if you’re reading Bev, we’re still waiting and there’ll be no more Rag’n’Bone Man till it happens! LOL.

We are not back at The Quays till August as it stands right now but I am sure we will see you all again before then… I’m hoping anyway!


New Songs

So we made it to 2018!

We have decided to take January off so we can focus on learning new material for our set and plan out the year. We have some pretty awesome things lined up this year including The Bootleggers debut album containing songs from our set plus some original material me an Nathan have been working on too!

We also have another project brewing under the band name “The Sneaky Blinders” (now officially registered to us) which will see us recording and collaborating with others! So we are pretty excited about that.


2018 is looking set to be a fun, interesting and busy year and we have already hit the ground running with 5 new songs currently being learned and more to follow for our first gig of the year on January 27th at The Black Swan in Ripon!

We want to both say a HUGE thank you to everybody who has supported us over the last couple of years, a big thank you and welcome to those who have just joined us on our journey and we hope to see you all at some point over the next 12 months!

Happy New Year

Dave & Nathan

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Dave & Nathan will be reflecting back on 2017 and both choosing their top 3 gigs of the year.





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